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Discover the 5th-Wheel that suits you best


The certified professionals at Whittaker’s Hitches Unlimited will work with you to determine the very best towbar option for you. Our family friendly service has been providing quality towbar services for over 50 years.

Why Use a 5th Wheel?

A 5th wheel is used to pull trailers that have a “lip” on the front that goes over a truck bed.  A 5th wheel hitch sits inside of a truck bed, and the trailer latches on top of it.


To learn about which hitches might be available for your truck, check out this form:


Choose From Top 5th Wheel Brands

  • B&W (made in USA)

  • Pull-Rite (made in USA)

  • Curt (mostly made in the USA)

  • Anderson (mostly made in the USA)

  • and many more…

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