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Gerald Potter started working for Whittaker Welding Works in 1951. In less than 15 years, he would become the owner of that business in 1964. His son, Howard Potter, would join him 3 years later: working there full-time the summer after high school graduation in 1967. 20 years later, he purchased the business from his dad in 1987.  

In 1993, Whittaker’s Hitches Unlimited moved to its current location on Silverton Road. The name changed because the trailer hitch portion had taken over the business. Neil Jorgenson, began working for his step-father Howard in 2010 as he had always had an interest in hands-on, customer based work.  After a few years working under Howard, Neil began to take over the business until Howard retired in 2014. Neil took over the business in 2015.

Since the very beginning, this was a family business. Over 50 years later, we continue to bring our heritage and experience to bring you the best products and service... from one family to another.

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